Website and WordPress Service And Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for upkeep of a website, especially when you are running WordPress. We offer the following “Care Packages” to keep your website in top shape.

Did your current web designer go AWOL? Need someone to take care of updates?

We get it – it happens. Web designers go missing or close up shop, leaving your website out in the cold with no updates or backups. In this day and age, it is crucial to stay on top of updates, security measures, and ensuring your SEO efforts are working properly. Even if you just need some content updated – we can help.

When was the last time you had a site checkup? Drop us a line today!


If you have a Website Outage, you are invited to use our triage service during normal business hours. This is an expedited repair plan with an hourly rate.
Call 816-866-0806 for the fastest service.


We offer a block of 6 “Anything Hours” you could use for site updates, maintenance, or design work. We will work against the block hours first; It’s a one time purchase with no contract required, and the hours do not expire.


This is a Full Maintenance package, catering to WordPress websites. With this monthly package, we will:

  • Keep WordPress updated
  • Keep Plugins updated
  • Keep your Theme updated (if applicable)
  • Perform minor content updates
  • Add image content to the Library and posts
  • Ensure WordPress is running optimally
  • Install a Backup Plugin
  • Run biweekly WordPress backups
  • Manage Comment spam
  • Report and repair site outages


This is the ideal package if you just want content updates for your site. We’ll update text and images based on your content. Maximum of 6 updates per month.

  • Text updates on Pages and Posts
  • Image updates on Pages and Posts


If you’re not interested in ongoing maintenance and content updates for your WordPress site, we can do a one-time “Up To Date” pack. We will:

  • Update WordPress
  • Update Plugins
  • Update your Theme (if applicable)
  • Ensure WordPress is running optimally
  • Clean up Comment spam
  • Install a Backup Plugin
  • Run one WordPress Backup