Website Service And Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for upkeep of a website, especially when you are running WordPress. We offer the following “Care Packages” to keep your website in top shape.


If you have a Website Outage, you are invited to use our triage service during normal business hours. This is an expedited repair plan with an hourly rate.
Call 816-866-0806 for the fastest service.


We offer a block of 6 “Anything Hours” you could use for site updates, maintenance, or design work. We will work against the block hours first; It’s a one time purchase with no contract required, and the hours do not expire.


This is a Full Maintenance package, catering to WordPress websites. With this monthly package, we will:

  • Keep WordPress updated
  • Keep Plugins updated
  • Keep your Theme updated (if applicable)
  • Perform minor content updates
  • Add image content to the Library and posts
  • Ensure WordPress is running optimally
  • Install a Backup Plugin
  • Run biweekly WordPress backups
  • Manage Comment spam
  • Report and repair site outages


This is the ideal package if you just want content updates for your site. We’ll update text and images based on your content. Maximum of 6 updates per month.

  • Text updates on Pages and Posts
  • Image updates on Pages and Posts


If you’re not interested in ongoing maintenance and content updates for your WordPress site, we can do a one-time “Up To Date” pack. We will:

  • Update WordPress
  • Update Plugins
  • Update your Theme (if applicable)
  • Ensure WordPress is running optimally
  • Clean up Comment spam
  • Install a Backup Plugin
  • Run one WordPress Backup