Text Message Loyalty Program

Get More Customers Coming Back With Our Text Loyalty Program!

Imagine, Customers Walking Through Your Door, Practically On Demand…

You may have the perfect product offerings, ideal location, and a great team, but what are you doing to market your business? No business can survive without consistent demand. Text message marketing allows restaurants, coffee shops, salons, or other types of service businesses to bring in new customers and keep them coming back.

Why Your Business Should Use Text Messaging

1. Text Messaging is Popular.

Pew Research found that 97% of smartphone owners use their text messaging feature every day. According to another a survey of over 2,200 participants, the average person sends or receives over 40 texts per day.

2. Texts are Guaranteed to be Read.

The facts speak for themselves. 98% of all text messages are read. Think about your own usage; How often do you ever ignore text messages?

3. Texts are Instant.

90% of Text Messages are opened within 3 minutes of receipt. How’s that for instant communication?

4. Text messages are Personal.

Text messages, unlike Messenger or Email, are personal. Your text inbox is usually filled with friends, family, and loved ones.

5. Texts are affordable.

Text messages cost pennies per message. Many businesses can’t afford (or don’t need) large ad campaigns, but can certainly benefit from a little boost during slow times. And, your customers will know you and welcome your messages.

6. Texts don’t get lost.

Text messages don’t get lost on your phone like coupons or image ads. They are instantly retrievable. And if you’re offering a coupon or incentive, you won’t wait long for your customer to retrieve it.


How It Works!

  • We place a color sign in your business with an offer, a phone number and a keyword. Example: “Text VIP to 816-555-1234 to receive 15% off your bill!”
  • Have your customers follow the instructions on the sign, then honor the offer once they show you the message.
  • They’re now on your list in our system. We schedule messages for specific dates and times, or we send offers on demand.
  • Customers respond to your offer and come see you!

We offer a 2 week FREE TRIAL. No obligation! Drop us a line and we’ll bring you a sign!